WASH - Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

Water, sanitation, and hygiene WASH

  • Provision of water supply through water vouchers
  • Water trucking
  • Provision of borehole fuel subsidies
  • Rehabilitation of water sources (borehole water systems shallow wells, earth pan, and construction and promotion of latrines use.
  • Promotion and distribution and monitoring use of public health promotion support and sanitation, sanitary pads soaps. water storage containers water purification tablets training public health focusing on safe water handling and washing hands and safe fecal disposal, public health promotions, and operations.
  • maintenance and community water sources, distribution of household kits, training WASH/ CLTS workshop, boreholes drilling and shallow wells with solar pump fixing through installation piping systems, distribution of water kiosks
  • Preparedness and response to disease outbreaks (AWD) and floods response management.